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About Us

Essex Coast Supply Company is an independent brand created in Massachusetts. Originally formed in 2015, re-establishing in 2020, and here to stay. We work to make quality items that improve your life and that you thoroughly enjoy for years to come. We are focused on improving quality and sustainability at every detail of the product - concept to delivery of the product purchasing cycle.

We will be donating 10% of all net profits to ocean conservation and relief efforts. We are committed to helping the ocean and believe in how important that is to our planet. Right now we are focused on supporting large global organizations such as the Surfrider Foundation and the Ocean Conservancy. 

Essex Coast For those who make the most of life.

OLD CONTENT. do not look at my code.
A long time ago we created a public snapchat filter for people who were in the actual northern Massachusetts 'Essex' coastal area. The filter has now been used and seen hundreds of thousands of times. Be sure to continue sending us your favorites!